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We offer original menus using local safe ingredients and seasonal ingredients!

We are trying to make "Lodge Kagetsuen Original" dishes that are delicious, safe and healthy.
BBQ is recommended for those who are outdoors oriented!
  • 【eat】

    The facility offers dishes made with abundant local and seasonal ingredients.
    For dinner, we offer two types of BBQ and dinner course that you can enjoy with your family and friends.
    Please enjoy the delicious, safe and secure menu.
  • [Supper] Barbecue

    [17:30 to 19:30]

    We will prepare abundant fun ingredients such as meat and vegetables.
    (Beef loin/Pork loin/chicken thigh/shrimp/Scallop/Vegetables/Grilled rice balls, etc.)

    *We will prepare it on the terrace of the main building.
    *Meals for children (elementary school students and younger) are "kids meal".
    If you want the same "barbecue" as an adult, please make a reservation for a child as an "adult".

    【Notice from the staff】
    In addition, it is possible to have a barbecue on the terrace of each cottage.
    *Since there is no roof on the terrace, BBQ cannot be used in rainy weather.

    We also accept rental of BBQ stand only.(Reservation required up to 1 day in advance)
    Stand / charcoal / ignition agent / net / with tongs ¥ 2,200(Tax included)
    *Ingredients are prepared by the customer.
    *Please make a reservation as soon as possible as the number of units is limited.
  • 【Dinner】Dinner course

    【An example of this month's recommended menu】
    ■Chef recommended hors d'oeuvre
    ■Local vegetable potage soup
    ■Main dish(Meat & fish dishes)
    ■Rice or bread
    ■Chef whimsical dessert
    ■Coffee or tea

    *If you are traveling with pets, the dinner course will be served in the terrace area of the main building.
    The terrace area is the basic BBQ venue, so please understand the smoke.
  • 【Breakfast】 Morning menu

    • An example of a morning menu

      Egg dish

      Fried eggs / scrambled eggs / quiche, etc. daily

      Bacon and sausage

      Bacon and sausage from Lake Yamanakako

      2 types of bread 

      Croissants / rolls / toast / French toast, etc. Daily


      Seasonal vegetable potage

      Fruit bowl

      Homemade fruit bowl with plenty of fruit

      Free drink

      Coffee/Tea/All-you-can-drink juice