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Please use it to make memories of your trip.

Lodge Kagetsuen is full of various facilities in this facility and spots where you can play "Lake Yamanakako", one of Japan's leading tourist destinations.
  • Lodge Kagetsuen Garden Map

    • The site of Lodge Kagetsuen Kazukien is 42,000㎡.

      There are tennis courts, an outdoor barbecue area, a dog run, and training facilities on the premises.
      You can enjoy it with your family and friends, even with a large number of people such as training camps and training.
  • Lake Yamanakako resort training at Lake Yamanakako

    For seminars and training that are integrated with nature in the woods of the plateau.
    • Available in school style for 40 to 66 people

      Seminar in the green Training building (Creative Lab) Please enjoy the training building (multipurpose hall) at Lodge Kagetsuen
      We have prepared.
      It is a school style and can accommodate 40 to 66 people.
      We also accept applications for meals during the period of use.
      Please contact us for details.
    • For music training camps and concert practice

      It can also be used for music training camps, concert rehearsals, and meetings.
      We also accept reservations for various training camps.Please feel free to contact us.
    • Multipurpose hall

      It can be used for multiple purposes such as period training and summer cram school training.
      Please use it for circles and seminar training.
  • Enjoy tennis at the foot of Mt Fuji

    Lodge Kagetsuen the tennis court of Lodge Kagetsuen, you can see the magnificent Mt Fuji.
    How about playing tennis with Mt Fuji in the background?
    I'm sure you will feel comfortable playing!
    • An omni coat of artificial turf with sand that puts less strain on the knees and hips

      The tennis courts at Lodge Kagetsuen are all artificial turf courts and omni courts with sand that put less strain on the knees and hips.
      It can be used widely from beginners to full-fledged tennis fans.
      There is also a futsal court, so please use it.
      Please use it for training camps and meetings together with the training building.
    • Tennis court usage fee(1 hour per side)

      Omni coat:2970 yen(Tax included)
      Rental racket:550 yen (tax included) / 1 bottle
      Futsal:6600 yen(Tax included)
  • Relax in the green! 2,000 tsubo dog run

    There are dog runs for small, medium and large dogs in the park, so you can spend your time relaxing.
    • 2,000 tsubo dog run in the forest

      Two sides for large and medium-sized dogs and one side for small dogs are safe for small dogs.

      Pet accommodation fee is not included:One animal costs 1,650 yen (tax included), and the second and subsequent animals cost 1,100 yen (tax included).
      From the second night onwards, the price is 1,100 yen (tax included) per animal.
      *The dog run fee for hotel guests is included in the pet room rate (paid locally).
  • Facility details

    • Facilities in the facility

      Main Building(Front desk,Restaurant,BBQ terrace)/Cottage(General building,Pet companion building)/Training Chen(Multipurpose hall)/Tennis court (4 sides) dog run/Outdoor barbecue area/vending machine
    • Front desk rental

      BBQ stand 2,200 yen(Tax included)
      Hot plate 1,100 yen(Tax included)
      Mahjong 3,300 yen(Tax included)
      Hairdryer/UNO / Go/Shogi/Reversi/(Free)
      *As long as it is in stock.
    • Conditions / Notes

      ■You can prepare your own meals in the accommodation building, but please bring your own ingredients and seasonings.We have general cooking utensils and tableware.

      ■The front desk is open until 21:00.Please check in as soon as possible.

      ■Please bring your nightwear, bath towels, amenities goods, etc.

      ■Please do not remove the lead except for dog runs.

      ■Pets are not allowed in the main building or restaurant.The brick floor on the terrace of the main building is OK.

      ■If you wish to bring your pet, please make a reservation in the pet-friendly building.

      ■Parking space is limited, so please come and join us as much as possible.

      ■For inquiries, please contact us between 9:00 and 21:00.